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".. Ted has a intuitive grasp of the interaction between structual behavior and masonry performance, including such matters as vertical support, bearing, anchorage, tiebacks, deflection and foundations, I have recommended him for special projects where problem solving or troubleshooting on site are required. I have sought his opinion and assistance from time to time when structural/masonry issues arise in the field and during the design phase of projects.

I regard Ted Galassi Jr. as being exceptionally devoted to producing a high quality work product and doing so in a professional manner. He is a credit to his trade."

Norman K Brown, Brown Engineers 

Springfield Illinois

“.. I have had the pleasure of working with Ted on a wide variety of masonry projects. I've always been impressed  with Ted's commitment to producing a superior project.

I've worked with Ted on brick and stone projects of a wide variety of sizes and complexities. From Masonry fireplaces to stone arches his skills are evident in the quality of the projects he completes. When it came time to build my own office building, I used Ted's services. I would highly recommend his work."

Jon Schafer, Jon Schafer and Associates

Springfield Illinois

“.. Ted's business practices are first class. He has a full line of Insurance that we require pf our sub-contractors and his paperwork is always in order. I would and do recommend his company to many other contractors, building owners and homeowners alike".

Mike von Behren, Michael Von Behren Builder Inc.
Springfield Illinois

“..Ted is very knowledgeable of the industry. He takes a personal interest in every job he does for us. He is very conscientious about making sure that things are done right the first time. The projects he does for us are always well thought out by him before he starts a job. He always seems to be looking for a better way to get the work done.

Ted is very detailed and I know I don't have to worry about the job being done right. He works well with our customers and is very helpful when it comes to design ideas. If there is an issue, he's quick to respond. We use Galassi Masonry because they make us look good and they stand behind their work. I have reommended Ted many times and do so now."

Frank Buraski, Buraski Builders
Springfield Illinois

“.. I wanted to let you know that your team did a Superb job of rebuilding the pedestal here at the IPA building. Thank you very much!"

Barry Locher, Illinois Press
Springfield Illinois

“..Galassi Masonry has tremendous capabilities and equipment which allows their company to complete large projects in a very professional workmanlike manner. Ted Galassi is very knowledgeable and thorough in all aspects and details that relate to the project and will not hesitate to communicate issues concerning the project back to our field personnel.”

Patrick Newman, Newman-Alton, Inc
Springfield Illinois

Masonry Design and Installation Since 1989

​"When Quality Counts"

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